Jesus Vineyard
"Jesus is our Vine and we are His fruit."
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Sermonette Topics
Each optional sermonette should be 3-5 munutes in length.

Praise                                       Truth

Testimony                                 Freedom

Proclamation                            Comforter

Thanksgiving                            Grace

Promise                                    Action

Repentance                              Understanding

Dreams                                     Contentment

Visions                                      Honor

Goals                                        Amends

Prayer                                      Gratitude

Character                                 Wisdom

Compassion                             Confidence

Fellowship                                Loyalty

Victory                                      Unity

Hope                                        Confession

Trust                                         Forgiveness

Generosity                                Friendship

Faithfulness                              Righteousness

Responsibility                           Courage

Morals                                       Respect


Welcome to the Jesus VineyardPurpose of The Jesus VineyardOutlinesScripture ReadingsDefintionsQuestionsLeader GuidelinesPhotogalleryGuestbook
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