Jesus Vineyard
"Jesus is our Vine and we are His fruit."
Welcome to the Jesus Vineyard
Purpose of The Jesus Vineyard
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Purpose of The Jesus Vineyard

The Jesus Vineyard is designed for small groups, or as an auxilliary worship service.  Its purpose is for us to praise God and testify of His goodness, and to share our goals and visions for our lives.  Additionally, the Jesus Vineyard is intended to help us heal as we reveal our hearts, and hurts that we have done to God, ourselves and others.  It is acceptable not to use people's names, as it may cause further damage to ourselves or others.  No one should not feel pressured to share, but should be allowed to feel free to share as the Spirit moves them.

Welcome to the Jesus VineyardPurpose of The Jesus VineyardOutlinesScripture ReadingsDefintionsQuestionsLeader GuidelinesPhotogalleryGuestbook