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"Jesus is our Vine and we are His fruit."
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Leader Guidelines
Leader Guidelines

These are some suggestions as to how you may want to run your group or service. You may also set up your own guidelines, as each group has different components and personalities.

  • Provide a safe environment for people to share.  For small groups, play soft non-vocal worship at the start and end of your session, as well as during both "praise" sections.
  • The testimony section is for testimony unto God for all He has done.  It is not designed to be a teaching or sermon time.  It is not about what your adversary has done to you. It is about God's goodness.  No cross-talk, only one person should speak at a time.
  • When repenting of your wrongdoings to god and others, you should encourage your group to reveal only what they feel could be shared with the group which would not harm yourself and others.
  • Confidentiality is key to your success.  What is said in the group stays in the group. There should be now recording devices in use during the session.
  • Open conversation should be reserved for the “Relationship and Refreshments Café.
  • Your meeting can be run as often as you like, but remember to limit the amount of time for people in your group to share (for small groups).  If needed, you can form a second or third group.

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